Monday, May 19, 2008

Calling all boys!

If your little munchkin is like mine, then he LOVES trains, or rather, choo-choos. The Bellagio's atrium is newly decorated Americana with trains, water features, and everything a little boy loves. Trey was VERY upset when we finally had to leave. It was a fun outing on a very hot day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A sight for sore eyes.

This was last year's Mother's Day. No, this picture has not been altered. It is actually what it seems to be. Yes, the guys are in the kitchen, as they should be, for at least one day out of the year!!

Every Sunday we eat dinner at my parents' house along with my siblings that also live in town. Let's analyze... Jordan: washing dishes... Warren: rinsing dishes... Dad: putting dishes away... Dennis: wiping off the counters.

This is so wonderful!! Thank you dads for giving us moms a day of true rest and relaxation! We don't care what dinner was or what it was made of, at least we didn't have to make it!

Happy Mother's Day to all!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One last time.

Jordan took last Friday off of work so that we could take one last mini-vacation before I am too far along to travel. And, after the baby comes, we know we won't want to go anywhere for awhile. So, we headed down to Jordan's family's beach house in Dana Point for a long weekend. Trey and I were very excited because Daddy was going to go to Disneyland with us! I've had an annual pass since last August and Trey and I have been about 11 times since then, all without dad. It was really fun to be with Jordan and especially since it would be our last time using the pass. (Way too hot and crowded during the summer, so this was going to be it!) Jordan's mom came with us too. It was really a lot of fun and Jordan enjoyed seeing Trey excited about the rides he likes to go on. California Adventure has a new parade in the evening called the "Pixar Play Parade". Trey absolutely loves it since he is very addicted to all of those movies at the moment, "Finding Nemo" probably being his fav. Here's a few pictures from the day.

On Saturday morning Jordan and I got to sleep in a little while his mom took over Trey duty. It was wonderful! I guess Jordan wasn't too exhausted from walking around all day at Disneyland because he ran three miles later that morning. Here's a picture of what he was running alongside. Beautiful!! (Click here for a funny account of Jordan's adventurous run.)

The rest of the day we hit up some of our favorites like Wahoo's fish tacos and South Coast Plaza for some great shopping. We ended the day at the Irvine Spectrum for more shopping. I got to visit one of my favorite kids' clothing stores, Naartjie, to find some cute baby girl outfits while Jordan took Trey on a fun train ride. Trey was in heaven!

Sunday we went to church with Jordan's mom and then took our time relaxing and packing up. We had a great time away from home and a big shout out to Jordan's mom (even though she doesn't use computers and will never see this) for enjoying the weekend with us.