Monday, February 9, 2009

The Suns

So I have a theory - That on giftbearing holidays (ie Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day) Janel always manages to get me something that she can use equally as much as, if not more than, I would use it.

Please consider the following exhibits that support my theory:
  • The black Pottery Barn desk and desk accessories that she got me for one of first Christmases together. I enjoyed using it in our old house, but now that we have moved, it has made its way to her upstairs office, where she uses it to full capacity. Somewhere along the line, another desk to match it appeared up there as well, so as to give her more workspace.
  • A clothing steamer. Not gonna lie - one of the best gifts ever. Makes my shirts ready to wear and wrinkle-free in a mater of a few short minutes. She also benefits from having this handy-dandy appliance in our bedroom.

  • My dress clothes. Shirts and ties mainly. You may be asking yourself, "But Jordan, Janel doesn't wear your clothes! You're just being a silly goose." It is true that my wife does not wear my clothes. However not only does she get to see me wearing said clothes, but she gets to be seen with me whilst I wear said clothes. And if you've ever seen me, you know that that alone is worth its weight in gold.
So needless to say, this past Christmas I was expecting perhaps a rolling pin or some pearl earrings, which I would have been extremely grateful for, because I love my wife more than anything, and anything she could ever get me would be absolutely awesome.

But boy oh boy did she out-do herself this time. As I opened up this gift, she was obviously anticipating a priceless reaction from me, since she made sure to video tape the whole thing. And she was dead on. Her gift rendered me speechless! Upon opening the beautifully decorated small, red box I found two tickets to see a Phoenix Suns basketball game!

I was amped. The Suns have been my favorite basketball team since the early to mid 90's when they had Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle and Kevin Johnson. They are now home to even more of my favorite players: Steve Nash, Shaquille O'Neil, Amaré Stoudamire, Leandro Barbosa and Lou Amundsun.

So, the weekend finally arrived when we were supposed to go to the game. We were going to just drive to Phoenix on a Saturday, watch the game that night and then come home on Sunday. Janel's wonderful parents volunteered to watch Trey overnight, so it was just me and my babes in Phoenix. The drive down was lame, as is pretty much any drive, but it was all new scenery for me, so I made the most out of it.

We got there around 3:30 pm, checked into our hotel and just vegged for a few minutes. About two or so hours before the game was to begin, we decided we should probably go and get some grub before the game, since we had no idea how crazy downtown Phoenix would be before the game. So we made a few laps around the U.S. Airways Center, trying to find a parking garage that would rip us off the least. We finally found one that would only charge only $12 to park. our. freaking. car. We parked and then went across the street to eat at Stoudamire's, a cool sports grill owned by the Suns' very own Amaré Stoudamire. I had a decent quesadilla and some awesome fish.

Then it was back across the street to the game and we had ab absolute blast! It was so fun seeing the Phoenix Suns intros and the fun they have on the court. Shaq is just hilarious. The entertainment during the time outs was jsut as good as the time outs themselves! It was just a blast being there with my two babes.

The next morning, we took a drive to the Sprinkles in Scottsdale and drive by the Mesa Temple. I guess we shouldn't have purchased our Sprinkles on a Sunday, because our punishment was our GPS leading us back home through Flagstaff!! That tacked on an extra few hours. Yuck.

Anyway, a great trip.

Thanks, Janel!!