Monday, March 23, 2009


Just have to give a quick shout-out to my Jordan. He ran a 5K at the Springs Preserve Saturday morning and said it was his best time for a 5K ever! Way to go!! You're getting so good at this running thing!
(Thanks to Jessica/Heather for this picture I stole!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Raise your hand if you have stopped checking our blog because we just don't post anything anymore!! Me too! Sorry, I've been busy (okay, just the average amount) and a little bit lazy. Events and such to blog about have just piled up, so it's a little overwhelming now to think where to start. I'll just recap a few bits here and there from the past two months.

We went bowling with my family on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Most of the little boys had never done that, so it was really fun. We all had a great time on our day off!

Alison's friend, Jodi, my mom, and I threw a baby shower for Alison. Everything was pink and blue because of the twins she was expecting. It turned out really cute and it was fun to put together. "Baby Cakes" was the theme. We had a cheesecake bar for dessert.

And at the end of the month, Jordan and I went to a Phoenix Suns game in Arizona. (See previous post by Jordan)


Jessica and I took our kids to Bass Pro to see the fish being fed. The boys LOVED it, and it was a great FREE activity. We're so glad the Duffs live here in Vegas now so we can do fun cousin stuff!

Talya turned 7 months old!!

For Valentine's Day Trey and I made candy necklaces for cousins and grandparents. In the center we put a heart shaped homemade Oreo with pink frosting. Yum!

For President's Day weekend, we went with Warren and Heather to the beach house. An interesting trip!! Really, we all had a lot of fun, but.... on our way down there, it was snowing like crazy in Barstow (Yes, Barstow!!) We stopped for gas and there were like 2 inches of snow all over everything. We got video footage, but no pictures. We made some of our usual stops at Sprinkles and Ruby's on the Balboa Pier. We rode our bikes along the boardwalk where Tally and Trey both fell asleep in the bike trailer. On Monday, we went to Disneyland, where it rained most of the day. NOT fun, but the park was pretty empty. We never had to wait long for anything. The kids were pretty much locked inside a bubble the whole day, but Trey did get to go on the Matterhorn for the first time, and he LOVED it!!

The rest of the week after Disneyland, Trey and Tally were sick with awful colds while Jordan had Bronchitis. (Maybe it was being outside in the cold and windy rain????) However, I didn't contract a thing... someone needed to take care of all of them!

The last weekend of the month, Jordan ran in another Ragnar race. This one was in Arizona and was a lot of fun. Check out the Chasqui blog for all the details and pictures. (Oh, and he's doing ANOTHER one in April!)


I got a new calling at church. I was teaching R.S. (only taught a total of 3 times) but now I am the Beehive advisor in the Young Womens. Different, but fun. It's VERY involved, but a good experience and like I said, fun.

Talya turned 8 months old!

Alison had her babies!!! They were a day early; her water broke. I took some pictures of the twiners in the hospital. I couldn't believe how small they were/are! Alison' s blog has more details, well, a few more, but not many. She's recovering from the c-section, so don't expect to see much blogging on her part anytime soon, and she's "going private" soon too.

So that pretty much catches us up!! Not that we're that exciting, but that's what we've been up to. Let's all cross our fingers that I stay with it a little better!