Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trey's first soccer game!

Trey had a blast playing in his first game.  He had two games, and was pretty tired towards the end, but he ran his little heart out the whole time.  He even got to play goalie several times, which he was great at.  Good Job, Trey!!
(For some reason he runs with his tongue hanging out.  This is the first time we've noticed!)

 He liked to wave at us to make sure we were watching!

Coach giving Trey a high-5!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Trey turned 4! 
We had a monster party.

Labor Day weekend in Park City with our friends the Grahams and the Walkers.

Trey started preschool with his friend Annie!  His teacher is Ms. Heather.

We went to Sky Fest in Cedar City.

A really fun Young Women activity I helped plan.  A babysitting clinic!

Trey started playing soccer!  He's on a 4/5 year old team.  They are the Strickers!


Well, here it goes! I'm acutally doing it... I'm updating my blog! If anyone really cares, this is for YOU!